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The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit and means "Union".
Union of body, mind and spirit.

Hatha Yoga practices look forward to make us aware of the power that resides within us. It would like to raise it, balance it and bring it.
Yoga is the ability to guide and reassure mental activity (meditation).
This discipline is accompanied by body postures and movements (asanas).
The movement must follow a slow and regular (pranayama).
It is a work of integration that will allow us to get more internal stability and ability in everything we do.




To meditate is to stop and listen, and to keep the body calm and observe. It helps you to concentrate in your physiological peace and “see" how life goes quietly ...

To meditate is to listen to the silence ...

The mind is like a lake: if there is choppy water, the water is murky and you can’t see the bottom clearly. When the water is calm, the surface becomes flat and the water becomes crystal and clear; then, you can clearly see every detail in the lake bottom.

Secular school of Buddhism and meditation ...




The aim of the Asanas is to take care of our spine health and they exercise
different muscle groups.

According to Patanjali, all the postures must have the qualities that Stira-
Suka has.

Seek, search the middle way: is the place between "It’s too hard for me" and "I can do it".




Pranayama replaces the automatically and unconsciously breathing for a
long, thin and soft breathing. This one takes all the stages:

  • inspiration
  • exhalation
  • delays in full lung
  • and delays in empty lung.

During Pranayama the attention is keeping on areas of the body where it is
perceived a clearly breathing. You must take care on the length and number
of these breathings. (Yoga_Sutra II.50).


The breath is the bridge between body and mind.